Company profile

Company Profile

The MP-Plus Group is a leader in the field of training, whose vision is to make Quebec a world reference in terms of leadership, commitment, accountability, and fun at work, hence the slogan To take you even further!

Founded in 1992, the MP-Plus Group owes its reputation to its exceptional quality interventions and trainers. In her team, she has such luminaries as Christian Martineau, renowned figure in the field of non-verbal language in business, Sylvain Guimond, doctor of sports psychology and columnist at RDS, and Farès Chmait, recognized in the field of training affecting the human component.


This is the “virtuous circle of MP-Plus valuation”: The more happy customers we have, the more the company prospers, and the more it can give back! Sharing could very well have been our 6th value; sharing is implicit!

The MP-Plus Group has more than 4,000 customers. The company works in particular with members of the Barreau du Québec, engineers, members of the CRHA order, the financial community, civil servants, professionals and managers from all fields of activity.


90% of CEOs say they want to invest in leadership development for their employees, according to a 2014 survey of 81 organizations around the world by McKinsey, a leading consulting firm for senior executives. And they are doing well. Indeed, good leadership contributes significantly to a company’s health, which in turn promotes positive returns for shareholders.

But what is good leadership? Four qualities predominate according to the survey: being supportive, results-oriented, being able to see a situation from different perspectives, and being able to solve problems effectively.