Frequently Asked Questions

What is the training schedule?

All of our training starts at 8:30 am and ends around 5:00 pm. You can arrive from 8:00 am and have coffee and continental breakfast.
* For our corporate training offered in the workplace, the schedule may vary depending on your needs.

Can we register for training online? Is the site secure?

Frequently asked questionsYou can easily register online, select the desired course on the 3rd tab above (Our courses), and select a training date and city in the right menu. The registration page will follow (online payment option available ). You can also choose your training via our interactive calendar, which presents our training courses by date and city; with the search filter, you will find your way quickly! Following your online registration, you will immediately receive a confirmation by email.

For the MP-Plus Group, IT security is essential and a priority! Our site is HTTPS, that is to say guaranteed, reliable & secure.


Can I register by email or phone?

You can reach us at or 1 (800) 451-9445, extension 101, we will assist you or take your registration without a problem. Registration payments can also be made over the phone.

Registration confirmation and training reminder

Following your registration, you will receive an email confirmation as well as your invoice. Besides, you will automatically receive a reminder by email one to two weeks before your training.

PLEASE NOTE: Your registration automatically confirms your attendance at the training. If a misstep occurs on your schedule, it is essential to notify us as soon as possible as some penalties may apply (refer to the Postponement and Cancellation Policies).

Preferential rates and discounts

Some courses are at $ 429.99 + tax per participant, while other classes are at $ 389.99 + tx). It is possible to take advantage of a $ 50 discount ($ 389.99 + tax or $ 339.99 + tax) on the purchase of 3 registrations: register for a training course with two other colleagues, the price will be adjusted automatically! Or, choose a total of 3 training dates and contact me, complete your three registrations, and apply the $ 50 discount per registration (from 3 courses and more).
By email ( or by phone at (450) 934-6661 or 1 (800) 451-9445, ext. 101.

Discount Code: Do you receive our bi-monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook and have been notified of a discount? When registering online, do not forget to enter the discount code (indicated in your email or on the Facebook post) on the first registration page, where the number of participants is shown: a large Discount coupon box rather discreet is located above the tariff details, you must enter your discount code!

Note: offers are not combinable

I want to train several employees, do you offer in-company training?

Of course! All our training courses and trainers are available in companies, across the country, in both official languages ​​for the most part. From 8 to 10 people and more, it is more advantageous for you on the pricey side. For more information or a quote, please communicate by email at or by phone at (450) 934-6661 or 1 (800) 451-9445, extension 101.

How do I know if there are still places available for training?

Nombre de places

You can check on our interactive calendar; for each training date, and availability dial shows a reasonably good appreciation of the number of places remaining. Are you waiting for approval and would like to be temporarily reserved? It’s possible, contact us!

Do you offer online training?

Formation en ligne

Online courses in English are available!
Online training in French is already available too.

Exceptional measures for Covid19 (Update: March 16, 2020)

Considering the most recent news:

  • The government declares a health state of emergency.
  • The government asks to avoid any regrouping at all costs.
  • Schools will be closed for at least two weeks.
  • Parents will surely have to stay with their children.
  • On March 15, the provincial government ordered people not to regroup. This is an order from the Minister of Health, Mr. Horacio Arruda.
  • And many other considerations.

If you have training scheduled for the next two weeks, that training has already been postponed later. You should have received an email to this effect, or you will receive one shortly.

Here are some “questions and answers relating to” this measure:

  1. If the postponement date does not suit me, can I change to another date on the calendar?

Yes, there are several other calendar dates, and you could change them without deferral fees.

  1. If the postponement dates do not suit me, can I change this training for other training?

Yes, we have a dozen training on the calendar, and all postponements will be free on any training.

  1. If I postpone my training, and later another schedule conflict prevents me from attending the training, will I change the date or training again?

Yes, we will already have other future dates to offer you that you can postpone free of charge (if you inform us at least two weeks in advance before the scheduled date of the training)

  1. If none of these options suit me and I have to cancel my training, what are the conditions?

Our standard terms and conditions state that it is impossible to postpone or cancel training less than two weeks in advance of the scheduled training date and that a cancellation charge of $ 100 is possible. (Applies to cancellations two weeks before the training.)

However, in good faith, we have somewhat relaxed all our deferral rules for all’s good and simplicity. We are even considering the option of having “live webinars” for you.If you still have to cancel, we will allow you to do it as if we were more than two weeks away from the training, with a charge of $ 100, which will be deducted from the amount refunded.

Communicate your choice to or 1-800-451-9445.

We apologize for any inconvenience this postponement may cause you and thank you for your understanding in this extraordinary situation.


Regular postponement measures:

Is it possible to postpone a registration for another date or other training?

Report de formation

In a possible scheduling conflict, we may postpone a free registration for another date on our calendar, as long as we are contacted ten working days or more before your training date is held. (No postponement is possible, no refund or credit within ten working days of training.) We can accommodate one of your colleagues as a replacement without a problem, inform us of the change of name and email address in advance.


Annulation de formationIs it possible to cancel my registration for training?

Cancellations of registration can be made with a refund (cancellation fee of $ 100 + tax deducted from the refunded amount) as long as we are contacted ten working days or more preceding the training date. No refunds, deferrals, or training credits are possible within ten business days or less of training. We can accommodate one of your colleagues as a replacement without a problem, inform us of the change of name and email address in advance.

Can I get an invoice for my employer?Caisse enregistreuse

Yes, an invoice is automatically emailed to you when you confirm your registration and includes precisely the information you entered when you registered online. If payment is not made online (by choosing the “check” payment method), the invoice can then be paid by credit card over the phone or by check upon receipt of the invoice.

For all other questions relating to invoicing, please contact

What are the terms of payment for paying an invoice?

Invoices are payable upon receipt upon registration. The fees include the one-day training (8:30 am to 5 pm), teaching materials, continental breakfast available on site, coffee breaks, and dinner. Checks and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) are accepted.

Facture payable

Does my professional order accredit the training courses of the MP-Plus Group?

The MP-Plus Group’s training sessions can be received by several professional orders and are even already recognized/accredited / pre-approved by some of them. This information can be found at the top of each of our training web pages, in the blue box. If you are not a member of a professional order, you are also welcome to our training!

Your professional order does not appear on our training pages?

According to Quebec’s various professional orders, some of them do not pre-approve or accredit any particular continuing education. Instead, educational hours are counted according to your training activities, which sometimes have to be related to your duties. Any training activity, such as ours, can be received as a valid continuing education activity for this professional order. Please check with your professional order, or with us to find out their eligibility criteria.

Does Emploi Quebec recognize Groupe MP-Plus and its trainers?

Logo emploi QuébecAll the MP-Plus Group trainers and training courses are following the Law promoting the development and recognition of workforce skills (Law 90). The MP-Plus Group is an educational institution accredited by Emploi-Québec. Investments that you make by following training with the MP-Plus Group are therefore allowed within this law framework.

Do you provide a certificate at the end of the training?

Of course! All participants receive a certificate of participation by email after each training session, on the day of the training!

Repas gratuit

Is lunch included?

The MP-Plus Group loves to offer MORE! Besides providing our participants with a continental breakfast and coffee breaks, dinner is also included in your registration price! Lunchtime is generally noon to 1 p.m., depending on the pace of the training and the trainer.

I have food allergies, do you have any alternatives?

Alleries alimentaires

In each of our training locations, we can typically provide an alternative to accommodate your situation (intolerances or allergies). Notify us as soon as possible by replying to your training confirmation or reminder email.


I prefer to bring my lunch or go out for dinner, is that possible?
Repas lunch

It would be appreciated if you let us know in advance to plan one less meal.

Connexion Internet


Is a wireless internet connection available in training?
Tablette électronique

Yes, our training locations all have a Wi-Fi connection at your disposal. However, we suggest that you stay focused on the lesson plan. To get the Wi-Fi password, ask reception or the trainer.


Would I like to bring my laptop or tablet to the training?

No worries, it’s your prerogative. Although all of our training has teaching aids (participant’s notebook, pen, and more), some participants prefer using their material.

Tablette interface

How do you pick a trainer?

Comment choisir un formateurThe importance of choosing the right trainers is not negligible given that training is never better than the quality of its trainer! This is why the MP-Plus Group meticulously selects who joins its team. First, the MP-Plus Group travels to see the trainers and validate its training content and its talents as a communicator and educator.

Second, any new training or content from a team member must first be presented and validated by the MP-Plus team, and this must meet the highest standards available on the market.


Can we communicate with a trainer?

Would you like to ask one of our trainers a question? Contact us, and we can send them your item (s).

Contacter un formateur

Can I join the MP-Plus team?
Joindre les rangs

With great pleasure! If your training is focused on interpersonal skills or know-how, if your training can help Quebec professionals and meet the highest standards, do not hesitate to contact us! We will make sure to reach out to you quickly and see how your presentation fits our offering.

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