Corporate games

The importance of games in a business

Much research has shown the importance of play in the development of children. By playing, children acquire knowledge, develop their mental and social skills, and contribute to their well-being. But adults get almost the same benefits when they play!

Business games are developed according to your corporate objectives and rely heavily on team spirit, the strengths of each participant, and their desire to win their team. With this in mind, business games go a long way in achieving and even exceeding expected results.

Business games a source of mobilization and sharing between participants

Whatever the field in which your business operates, the games are adapted according to your reality and objectives—for example, fostering a better customer-oriented approach, increasing your sales results, improving production, developing better collaboration between various departments, improving employee knowledge about products and services, etc.

Besides, business games can be beneficial in the context of corporate events (colloquium, gala, meeting, etc.) and during exhibitions or trade fairs to increase visibility and interest—participants for your site.

Here are some forms that games can take:

  • The points system in the form of a competition
  • Friendly competition between teams
  • Friendly competition between teams

Depending on the game’s size and the number of participants, corporate games can be set up within one to six weeks. The duration of the game can also vary for the same reasons and can be assessed before starting to organize the game.

The many benefits of corporate games ...

  • Strengthen team spirit (collaboration)
  • Stimulate the creativity and interest of participants
  • Promote participant engagement
  • Build on the strengths and qualities of each individual
  • Increase pleasure at work
  • Improve cooperation between different departments
  • Accelerate and greatly facilitate change processes

Results that speak for themselves

  • During a reengineering period, 55,000 employees, spread over several subsidiaries and organizations, saw its market share increase significantly for the first time in 10 years. The game allows employees to embrace change and accelerates the implementation of a new organizational culture.

  • In 5 weeks, 10,000 employees saw their knowledge of the products and services offered by their company increase from 35 to 85%.
    A significant service distributor used our corporate games to set sales targets for its distribution network of some 4,000 retailers. This company has propelled itself to the number one rank in its field of activity in Quebec.

  • A retailer working in the renovation field received the Builder of Excellence award, given to the store for having distinguished itself from other stores in the Canadian chain thanks to its performance.

To learn more ...

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