Political skills and leadership go hand in hand

People with strong political skills have been shown to have better relationships with their peers, perform better at work, and are, all in all, better leaders.
These are the findings reported in a study on political skills, published in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies in 2012. Defined to understand needs and motivations, the political abilities would constitute a unique lever to achieve the goals set.

The study researchers also reported that if so many people viewed the use of political skills negatively, it was merely because of people using them for their own ends only and others’ detriment. But when this quality is used by people who have others’ interests and their organizations at heart, it is a valuable asset to them.

Why political skills are so important

People who are good at maneuvering politically within their organizations care about maintaining good relationships with peers and superiors and are much more effective at resolving interpersonal conflicts that may arise at work. They are also very good at understanding others and influencing them positively. They can easily adjust their behavior – while remaining honest – according to the context in which they find themselves.

And while some people are naturally good at it, we can all develop this essential skill.

Developing political skills means:

Influence others positively;
Effectively solve problems;
Have a better understanding of others and our organization;
Adapt more easily to people and situations to get the most out of them;
Maximize our interpersonal relationships: take advantage of others’ strengths and allow others to benefit from our strengths.

So many benefits that developing one’s political skills can entail. Are you not convinced? Take the DEVELOP YOUR POLITICAL SKILLS training, and you will!