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Our trainings

Our trainings

Anxious to offer trainings that will exceed your expectations, MP -Plus takes special care in selecting only the best rated trainings and trainers, which will provide you with the right tools and lessons that will prove useful not only in the course of your career, but also on a personal level .

Our Selection Criterias

We evaluate each of the courses offered according to strict criterias. Here are a few:

  • The rigor of the content;
  • The usefulness of the knowledge transmitted;
  • The dynamism of the training;
  • The relevance of the learning activities;
  • The interest and the complementarity of the equipment used .


Leadership of influence

The Secrets of Power Negotiation

Nonverbal Communication in Business

Our speakers

In an effort to offer you the very best in Continuing Professional Development in Ontario and Quebec, we also select our trainers with great care. Their credibility, experience and ability to maintain the interest of their audience, as well as their rigor and dynamism are among the skills and qualities we look for in our trainers.

What they say about us!

  • "I am pleased to have followed this training with Mrs. Jérôme-Forget. She helped strengthen my confidence which subsequently helps me founding and becoming the chairman of the board of the Syndicat des notaires de la Montérégie. " Mr. Robert Jean, LL.B., D.D.N