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Farès Chmait

Farès Chmait

Farès  Chmait,  with  his  energy  and  devotion,  has  since  1986 enabled a wide variety of companies to meet their business goals. Inspired and inspirational, Farès Chmait is not satisfied playing the mere roles of trainer, consultant and speaker. He is totally involved in the process of provoking change and positively influencing the destiny of his clients, by supplying them with effective and productive tools.

As guest Professor at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business the Executive Center, and at the Schulich Executive Centre of York University, he puts his vast and varied business experience at the disposal of management executives from all over the world. His unique approach is cultivated and refined by what he calls the “human  factor”.  His  expertise  in  the  study  of  individuals’  subjective  experience structure, will shed some light on why people “do what they do,” and not what they SHOULD do. He has mastered the following subjects: leadership, emotional intelligence (EI), reading and interpreting the hidden side of communication (he taught this course to provincial government investigators for five years), project management, the individual within the team, public speaking, negotiation, cultural differences and intergenerational communication.

Farès Chmait  has shared the fruits of his experience with clients from 20 different nations, working in four different languages. In addition to being an outstanding speaker, his knowledge of different national and ethnic groups has proved a major asset in this era of globalization, allowing him to adapt his conferences to the cultural and entrepreneurial reality of his clients.

Practitioner to the core and firm believer in his methods, Farès Chmait is the author of numerous publications, including Beyond Selling (1995), recognized as one of the best works on the application of new communications techniques to selling. He also co- authored Coupables de réussir (2002) and just published The Power of Decision (2012).