The Secrets of Power Negotiation

The Secrets of Power Negotiation

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Farès Chmait


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The Secrets of Power Negotiation

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The ability to negotiate effectively is truly an essential life skill. It is important to be a strategic negotiator not only in business but also in other aspects of our lives. This workshop shows participants how to prepare for negotiation and use a strategic and structured style. They will learn how to get what they want, while the other party also feels satisfied.

Have you been unsuccessful in your negotiations, despite having what you believed to be a brilliant proposal and a strong argument? This workshop focuses on the application of the three essential rules to follow to ensure a win-win outcome in any negotiation process.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in role-playing activities and simulated scenarios in a dynamic and interactive course format, through small group exercises.


  • Prepare physically and mentally for negotiation
  • Discover the greatest success factors in negotiations
  • Understand the principles of and requirements for effective negotiations
  • Understand the game and gambits in negotiations
  • Achieve a true win-win outcome that will lead to long-lasting relationships


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The Secrets of Power Negotiation

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