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Farès Chmait

Farès Chmait, with his energy and devotion, has since 1986 enabled a wide variety of companies to meet their business goals. Inspired and inspirational, Farès Chmait is not satisfied playing the mere roles of trainer, consultant and speaker.

He is totally involved in the process of provoking…

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Sylvain Guimond, D.O., Ph.D.

Well known in professional sports – and by amateurs alike – Sylvain Guimond  has made his mark as a Doctor in Sport psychology and an entrepreneur. He worked with many professional athletes such as Mario Lemieux, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Smoltz and Marc Gagnon…

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Christian Martineau

Christian Martineau’s interest in synergology emerged at the turn of this millennium. After completing his executive MBA at the University of Sherbrooke, Mr. Martineau commits to a 3-year training program with Philippe Turchet, founder of this method of communication. In 2005, Mr. Martineau becomes founder and president of the Quebec Association of Synergology (AQS).

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Sophie Plante and Frédéric Gagnon

Graduate in Communication psychology, Sophie also took part in a plethora of professional development trainings. She notably studied the management of change and facilitating techniques. For more than a decade, she acted as a consultant in management of change and in organizational development. Moreover, she was…

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Frank Trachy
Business Development Director and Associate

For many years, Frank Trachy held the Development Manager position at MP-Plus. Although his range of responsibilities is very broad, his main mandate is to find the best possible professional training to meet our clients’ expectations in a meaningful and effective way…

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