The Secrets of Power Negotiation

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The secrets of power communication

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Farès Chmait


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The ability to negotiate effectively is truly an essential life skill. It is important to be a strategic negotiator not only in business, but also in other aspects our lives. This workshop shows participants how to prepare for negotiation and use a negotiation style that is strategic and structured. They will learn how to get what they want while the other party also feels satisfied.

Have you been unsuccessful in your negotiations, despite having what you believed to be a brilliant proposal and a strong argument? This workshop focuses on the 3 essential rules to follow to ensure a win-win outcome in any negotiation process.
In a dynamic and highly interactive course format, participants will have the opportunity to engage through exercises, role-playing, and simulated scenarios.


  • Prepare physically and mentally for negotiation
  • Discover the greatest success factors in negotiations
  • Understand the principles of and requirements for effective negotiations
  • Understand the game and gambits in negotiations
  • Achieve a true win-win outcome that will lead to long-lasting relationships


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The Secrets of Power Negotiation

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1. Negotiation Essentials: 7 Principles to Observe

  • The negotiator’s personality and how this influences
  • The negotiator’s biases and perceptions
  • How context and perceptions affect the message
  • Hidden information within the message: The message behind the message
    Distractions and gambits
  • Feedback and steps that will lead inevitably to an agreement
  • Stay focused on the outcome

2. The Five Aptitudes of an Effective Negotiator

3. The Five Characteristics of a Successful Negotiation

4. How to Transform a “No” into a “Maybe,” and a “Maybe” into a “Yes”

5. Seven Ways to Craft Effective and Convincing Arguments

  • Recognizing the 5 types of decision makers
  • Change your persuasive strategy
  • Determining the personality and values of the other party
  • The verbal and non-verbal cues you put forward
  • The impact of what you don’t say but still communicate
  • Deliver your message clearly to varying personalities (with real-world examples
    and practical exercises)

6. Three Rules to Follow to Achieve Win-Win Outcomes

7. Influence With Integrity

  • Using the S.P.I.N. model to discover the need behind the need
  • Different negotiation styles
  • Listen beyond the spoken word
  • Discover the criteria and their equivalence (hot buttons)
  • Language is generative: communicate differently and influence with integrity

8. Develop Sensorial Acuity to Capture the ‘Unsaid But Communicated’

  • Signs of the client’s state of readiness
  • Decoding the unspoken messages (face to face and on the telephone)
  • Uncovering the bluffing games

9. How to Increase Your Closing Ratio by Circumventing Impasses

  • Practising mental judo
  • Using wisely the compass of language

10. Managing Stress and Emotion During Negotiations


Preparatory Work: Participants will identify the steps of their transactional process from A to Z (How do they prepare? What do they seek to accomplish? What kinds of interactions do they have with others? What are the obstacles they face? What are their reactions to these challenges, and how they finish their meetings?

  • Presentations on interactive concepts
  • Scenarios
  • Individual Improvement Plan

Farès Chmait


With nearly 30 years of experience as a speaker and trainer, Farès Chmait has internationally recognized professionalism, including in the business world.

In this capacity, he has worked in around 20 countries to support hundreds of businesses until they reach their goals. In addition to having an in-depth knowledge of the business world and ethnic relations, Farès Chmait is a training specialist.

Experienced and versatile
Visiting Professor at Concordia University’s John Molson Development Center and York University, Fares Chmait brings his experience to business leaders and managers’ service. A seasoned professional, he is appreciated for his human, friendly, and dedicated approach. His ​​expertise covers negotiation, time management, leadership, emotional intelligence, cultural differences, and communication, among others.

Farès Chmait is also the author of several books, including Beyond Sales (1995, Impact Pro), considered one of the best books on new sales communication techniques. Is he also the co-author of Guilty to succeed? (A Different World, 2004) and The Power of Decision (Impact Pro, 2012).

Farès Chmait gives training
Efficient negotiation

Optimize your time

Assertiveness or the art of self-realization

Communicate with impact

“Whatever belief – positive or negative, stimulating or limiting – if you believe it firmly, it will become your reality. By acting like it’s true, without having the slightest doubt, you bring it to life. It is your faith in its existence that makes real what started as a belief. »Fares Chmait

This program contains 4 hours of Professionalism content from LSO.

4 hours of approuved educational training for the mandatory continuing professional development from the Quebec Bar.

4 hours of educational training for the mandatory continuing professional development from the Quebec engineer association.

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